Hunter Hayes may be singing about " Somebody's Heartbreak," but he is far from heartbroken these days. Hunter is in the midst of Carrie Underwood's Blown Away tour and says he has been "blown away by it."

"I bet you didn't see that coming," the musical prodigy jokes with The Boot. "Seriously, it's something I was really looking forward to. It's one of the most orchestrated shows I've ever done, especially for an opening spot.

"My fans are coming out in large numbers and bringing a lot of energy with them," continues the 21-year-old singer. "It's a blast. The coolest thing about it is we don't have to stop any time soon. We have another couple months of this, and I'm really stoked."

Hunter was thrilled when his tourmate asked him to join her onstage each night to duet on "Leave Love Alone," a song from Carrie's Blown Away album.

"To get that nod, that tip of the hat from someone like Carrie, and to have her be so humble and down to earth about everything is the coolest thing in the world," Hunter gushes. "Just to have someone so iconic be so welcoming to me into her world has been awesome. To be there, on her stage and a part of her show, is a cool feeling for someone new like me."

Another cool feeling comes from the crowd response to his new single, "Somebody's Heartbreak." "It the song everyone started to sing along to," Hunter explains. "It was one of the songs in the show that gets the strongest reaction. It's a blast for me to play because I get off and do this 20 minute guitar solo that is completely self-indulgent!

"It's one of those songs that speaks to where I am in life: hey, if you're gonna be somebody's heartache, be mine. It's a fun song, I love singing it. What's really cool is that it is musically representative of a lot of stuff I've been checking out lately."

Hunter promises the song's upcoming video will have live elements to it. "That's something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I want to keep the videos fresh and interesting."

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