Holly Williams has joined the Trust for Public Land as the voice of their #OurLand campaign.

The campaign seeks to find out why public lands are important to the people who use them by having them upload photos of their favorite spots and completing the sentence "Nature matter to me because ..."

Williams grew up in Nashville but spent much of her childhood on her dad's property in Terrace, Tenn., and her grandparents' acreage in Louisiana. Being out in open spaces for so much of her upbringing gave the singer an appreciation for unbuilt areas.

"To me, nature makes me feel smaller. We can easily get overwhelmed with our own problems and our day-to-day issues and feel so bogged down," she says. "But when we get out in nature, you can feel like you’re one with it, and you feel like everything is going to be okay. It’s very soothing and calming to me, and very healthy and essential.

"Being in nature is important to my creativity," Williams adds. "Being outside, with your feet in the grass, soaking up vitamin D -- it truly does something for your soul and your mind and even your eyes, just to look at nature."

Williams is still based out of Nashville, traveling 30 minutes to Leiper's Fork, Tenn., when she needs to escape the city.

"Thats my place that I go," she says. "We take our dogs, and it’s got tons of creeks and rivers, and camping areas and hiking areas for miles. You can stop off at any of the exits and go for a picnic, or just walk around. It’s kind of my little haven out there.

"We’re really lucky here, because you can drive out just 10 minutes from the city and see rolling farms and cows and horse farms," Williams adds. "The traffic is never too bad, and you can get out really quickly and be in a beautiful area."

More information about the Trust for Public Lands and the #OurLand campaign can be found at TPL.org. Watch the video from the campaign, featuring Williams' voice, below.