Holly Williams graces the cover of Nashville Lifestyles magazine's annual 25 Most Beautiful People issue. This isn't the first time for the blond beauty -- she played cover girl for the very first Most Beautiful People issue in 2000.

With all of her success, you may be surprised to learn that Holly's obsession is a Vitamin E Cream she buys at the local Dollar General store -- for three dollars! "Saving here makes me feel better about splurging on expensive boots!," she admits. Holly enjoys calling Nashville home, and is a regular at local hot spots, but she confesses she's really a family girl at heart, citing her mother and sister Hilary (who also made the list) as the most amazing and beautiful people in her life.

When it comes to the hot men of country music, Luke Bryan and Jimmy Wayne both have spots on this year's list. Luke says confidence is the trait he finds most attractive in others and that "happiness and staying busy" is his personal key to looking good. He does confess that he'd love to lose his "beer gut" and jokes that he can't understand why it won't seem to go away. [Perhaps someone will volunteer to go out for a drink with him and explain it?]

Jimmy takes a simple approach to looking his best. "I don't think about it." he says. "I just eat right and drink a lot of water because it makes me feel good."