Seventh time's a charm? Music icon Greg Allman is engaged to a 24-year-old woman, who will be his seventh wife. The 64-year-old founding member of the Allman Brothers Band revealed the engagement Tuesday (May 22) on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" and insisted his fiancée is not "wife number seven."

"That's not what she's becoming. She's becoming wife number one," said the musician, who was visibly uncomfortable with the line of questioning. "I don't have a wife. Haven't had one for years."

When grilled about why he's decided to settle down once again, Allman explained that "this time I am really in love," and went on to say that he's only been in love twice before in his life, though both were "one-sided" relationships.

"They didn't reciprocate," he explained of his former wives, one of whom is fellow music legend Cher.

Allman has one son from his first marriage, another son with Cher, a daughter from his fourth marriage, and a son and daughter from two previous relationships. He tells intimate stories about his family, including his late brother Duane, in his new book, My Cross to Bear.

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