Granger Smith has released a new music video for his single 'Bury Me in Blue Jeans.'

The video was directed by Paul De La Cerda and features Smith's actual family, including his wife Amber, living life in the country, gathering for an outdoor barbecue, drinking sweet tea, completing chores and sitting around a bonfire.

“It’s an important song to me," Smith says. "I wrote it about who I am, my family and what we stand for.”

The song comes off of Smith's album 'Dirt Road Driveway,' which was released in 2013, but he's been working on his next album with legendary producer Frank Rogers. The success of 'Dirt Road Driveway,' in addition to an intense touring schedule that kicks off again in February, helped propel Smith's career forward in a big way.

"It amazes me so much, and every day I am grateful for the journey that has led me to the place I am now," he tells Billboard. "'Dirt Road Driveway' really broke through and we were able to get out in front of amazing crowds in new markets, and people started spreading the every day, I'm thankful for that."

‘Dirt Road Driveway’ is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.