The members of Gloriana love it when their fans bring them gifts, but they may want to lay off the Doritos.

The trio's current song, "(Kissed You) Good Night," continues to rise up the charts, so The Boot couldn't resist asking Tom Gossin and Mike Gossin, who is joined in the group by Rachel Reinert, what they remembered about their first kisses.

"[Mine] was a girl that I went to grade school with," Tom recalls. "We were at a birthday party. We were very young and she kissed me and all I could taste was Doritos ... It was bad. I liked the girl right up until then. I don't eat Doritos because of that."

Mike says he also learned a valuable lesson from his first kiss: "Mine was in first grade. It was a girl by the name of Shauna. And I gave her a bag of those candy hearts and No. 2 pencils. I got a kiss for it. At that age, I learned a valuable lesson: the way to a woman's heart is to buy her something."

The co-ed group had a hand in writing every song on their forthcoming summer album, Thousand Miles Left Behind, their first since 2009's self-titled effort. "We've had three years of our lives being turned pretty much upside down," says Tom. "We went from being kids who played in bars to opening for Taylor Swift ... All of our life experiences we've gone through - this album is really a documentary of our lives the last couple of years."

One topic not addressed on the Matt Serletic-produced album, however, is the departure of the group's former fourth member, Cheyenne Kimball, who left the act suddenly last July. "There is not [a song]" about that, Mike says with a laugh.

Watch Gloriana's '(Kissed You) Good Night' Video

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