Dolly Parton is taking the rest of the year off from touring not only to write songs for her next album, but also to work on penning a musical version of her life story.

She hasn't yet decided if her script will be better suited for film or stage, but the superstar says her experience writing the Tony Award-nominated score for Broadway's '9 to 5: The Musical' helped with her latest project.

"I had never done Broadway [before]," Dolly tells The Boot, "but I started thinking whether it was in a movie or whether it be for stage that would be a good, clever way to write my life story. Because it's been told so many times, and I'm still living it. It really did help me being able to work with great people [on Broadway], and in that world that was so new to me. I really tried to be like a sponge and soak up everything I could while I was in the process. I think it really will help me as I go on with my story."

Dolly, who made her feature film acting debut 30 years ago in '9 to 5,' is also actively looking for a new movie role.

Asked what actress might play her if her script becomes a movie, Dolly quips, "It's a little too soon to actually say, but they better have big boobs. If not, I can tell them a good doctor where they can get some."