Delta Rae have released a new music video. Readers can press play above to watch the clip, for their track "A Long and Happy Life."

The "A Long and Happy Life" video features Delta Rae playing their song and dancing in a field; interspersed are clips of the band's members creating memories -- playing music, reading books and enjoying being with their loved ones -- in an old home, before the house is sold to a new family. The band was clearly "born to live a long and happy life," but that happiness is contagious.

"A Long and Happy Life" is the title track of Delta Rae's recently released EP. The group filmed the song's music video, which was directed by David McClister, at a farm outside of Nashville on March 24 -- the same day on which their EP was released.

“For our video, we worked alongside David to create the feeling of ‘the best summer of your life.’ We started with his vision of beautiful pastoral Southern imagery and weaved in the parts of Delta Rae music videos that we love: magic, mysticism and ghosts,” band member Ian Holljes says in a press release. “We wanted to tell a beautiful, happy ghost story of friends and family gathering for an estate sale in the country -- a send-off for departed loved ones."

Delta Rae's "A Long and Happy Life" music video includes an under-the-radar nod to their families, too: "As the party builds, kids explore the house and interact with the spirits of the house as they guide them to books, instruments and garments that will find a new life in them. These items are real artifacts from our own family histories," Holljes explains. "As the party ends, the spirits disappear and leave the house and the heirlooms to their new owners, passing on the legacy of a long and happy life.”

Holljes penned "A Long and Happy Life" alongside his brother and bandmate, Eric Holljes. It includes plenty of nods to Southern literature -- as does the band's name.

“Our mom is a great storyteller; she would read to us all the time growing up, and she’s also a writer,” Eric tells The Boot. “So she’s been working on this book, going on 20 years, about a young girl who grows up in the South and reawakens the Greek gods to save her dad, and this little girl’s name is Delta Rae. We always loved the name, and when we were trying to come up with band names, we had so many terrible ideas that we eventually had to ask our mom for permission to use her good idea!”

The A Long and Happy Life EP is available for download via iTunes. For a list of upcoming shows, visit

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