Danny GokeyDanny Gokey has been opening shows for Sugarland's Incredible Machine tour, and he says he's soaking up everything he can while on the road with the award-winning duo.

"At this point in my career, I've become a sponge, because I understand the only way to get better is to learn from the people who are the best," says the Wisconsin native. "And Sugarland, they're the best of the best out there. To see their set design, to see their interaction with the crowd, to see how their movements sparks energy; when you get on a stage, you first have to get a thermometer and kind of gauge the atmosphere and watch how they're doing that. Because each city is different. Each city, not everyone is going to be up on their feet shouting or dancing. Sometimes they're going to be sitting down. You have to learn how to manipulate and control a show at that point. I'm learning from them and from everyone I can get my hands on and watch."

He also looks at the tour as a way to get his music to the people following his stint on 'American Idol.' "It definitely is an opportunity," he says. "'American Idol' gives you the tools, it gives you the platform to become successful at that moment. But after that, then what? You have to work. Just to have the opportunity first of all to cut a CD and then get on a tour to promote the CD is awesome. Now, we're finishing the tour on August 5th, and we have a lot of spot dates coming up and we're getting ready to put together a tour for the fall."

Danny's next stop on tour with Sugarland is in Maryland Heights, Mo., on July 25. But first, he will make a few stops of his own, including a July 4 show in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wis.