The Court Yard Hounds were back Tuesday night (January 18) with another web chat, answering fans' questions live online. Sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison talked for nearly 40 minutes about everything from reality shows, Toby Keith, and playing on Steve Martin's new album to a new super-secret project with Natalie Maines.

Fans are still wondering about Natalie and her current employment status, which the girls quickly cleared up. "She is being a mom and, no, she is not giving up the music business," Emily explained. "We are actually going to go to Los Angeles this week to work on a top-secret project with her tomorrow."

"It's a musical project," Martie added.

Later, the duo were asked if their music could be heard in any upcoming movies or TV shows, to which Emily replied: "That's part of why we're going to L.A. tomorrow, but we can't say why or what show."

Next, Emily was asked if she's considered releasing a solo album of banjo tunes. "I haven't had that itch yet," she admitted. "But, we did just get to play on Steve Martin's new banjo/bluegrass album that is coming out in March or April. That was huge for me because I'm a huge fan of Steve Martin but the fact that we got to be on the album was pretty cool. In the studio he brought out all his banjos and let me play on them. It was a great banjo nerd/banjo nerd moment."

Then came the real kicker, would you ever be on a reality show? "No, I have no desire," Emily said. "I did find it very fascinating to watch 'Skating With the Stars' ... I had to put the covers over my eyes because it was so embarrassing to watch."

"I would never go on 'Dancing With the Stars,' because I'm not the greatest dancer in the world," Martie added. "But when I watch 'The Apprentice' sometimes I'm like, 'I could do that task.' The only reason I would not do that is that I could never call people for money and on that show you have to be willing to call people for money."

Another question pointed out one of the newer songs that Emily had written, asking the inspiration behind it. "'Then Again' is an amalgamation of different people I've know through relationships, or just growing up with or have observed in my life," Emily admitted. "I put them all in one person and went with experiences and stories that I've had in my head for the last few years and made this one person ... It's more introspective, how I wish had spoken up."

As for new music, fans are going to have to wait just a bit longer. "We are going to be, hopefully, releasing something dare I say this spring, this summer," Emily said. "We are in the studio right now working on it."

The special treat of the night came during their performance, which owing to Martie's chest cold, had to be instrumental. The sisters were joined by special guest, Irish import and Martie's husband Gareth Maguire, whom the duo have "been talking about finding a way to showcase" on the album.

Before signing off, Emily had a bit of a rant and asked fans to go listen to Toby Keith's latest single ['Bullets In the Gun'] and Robert Earl Keen's 'The Road Goes On Forever' to discern whether or not they sound the same. You be the judge.

Watch the Court Yard Hounds' full web cast below.

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