B.o.B. teams up with Taylor Swift for a duet titled "Both of Us," featured on the southern rapper's sophomore album, Strange Clouds, due May 1. The track begins with the country superstar's spirited vocals: "I wish I was strong enough to lift not one, but both of us," Taylor sings sweetly over the guitar-laden beat, before B.o.B. takes over:

"Ever thought about losing it/ When your money's all gone and you lose your whip/ You might lose your grip/ When the landlord tell you that your due for rent/ And the grass so green on the other side/ Make a n---- want to run straight through the fence," he raps.

Their collaboration was no doubt fueled by B.o.B's surprise appearance at Taylor's 2011 show at the Dallas Cowboys' stadium. The rapper joined the blond beauty onstage to sing his smash hit, "Airplanes," much to the audience's delight. Watch a fan's footage of their performance below, and see a full track listing for Strange Clouds on The Boombox.

This isn't Taylor's first rap collaboration. She memorably teamed with T-Pain for "Thug Story," a hilarious song recorded specifically for the opening to the 2009 CMT Music Awards. It went on to become a huge viral hit, but never made it to radio. It's not known yet whether "Both of Us" will be a radio single, but it is a first for Taylor in another regard: a crass word in one line of the song. Though "Both of Us" is an inspirational tune, it does contain a lyric (rapped by B.o.B., not Taylor) that some may deem offensive. Still, the message of the song is a positive one: to always keep your head held high, even in tough times, and to lean on the friends who will lift you up.

Hear Taylor Swift Beatbox!

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Watch Taylor & B.o.B. Perform "Airplanes"

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