WynonnaWynonna Judd recently took time out of her busy schedule to travel to North Carolina's Fort Bragg, where she welcomed men and women of the military returning home from their tour of duty.

"As a musician now for 25 years, we stand in the gap for the families during peace time and war time alike," she said during her live performance on 'Oprah.' "I have a relationship with these people. I'm here because you're here, and it's my duty to show up," she told the servicemen and women and their families.

Another artist who's vocal about supporting the military is Joe Nichols. He recently returned from a two-week trip to the Middle East to perform for the troops overseas, and has strong words for artists who don't do the same. "We talk about charities that are popular over here -- and I think they're convenient sometimes, but I can't think of a better charity right now than going over and saving some thousands of troops from a little bit of misery."

Lee Ann Womack echoes those sentiments. The singer, who has already performed in Germany, Iraq, Italy and Kuwait for the troops, recently traveled to Hawaii to welcome home 3500 military personnel who were returning from service in Iraq. "The troops have a special place in my heart," she tells CMT. "Working with the USO to welcome home these brave men and women is a great opportunity for me to show them how much I appreciate their great sacrifice."