Although she has spent the past 25 years in the spotlight as a recording artist, Wynonna Judd has also spent much of that time waging a very public battle with weight loss and food addiction. In 2009, the singer partnered with alli, an over-the counter diet drug which, at the time she said allowed her "a sense of well being." And although, as with any addiction, the struggle is a daily one, Wynonna has found other ways to cope with her personal issues.

"Reaching out for people, not food, was my greatest challenge. I was an isolating kind of person," Wy reveals to The Boot. "And being more active was a challenge -- forcing myself to show up when I didn't feel like it, and being the participant in my recovery and healing. You have to be willing to step outside your comfort -- not use food, but call somebody instead. I also walk every day and enjoy time with my kids."

These days, perhaps more importantly than keeping track of her calories, Wy is counting something else. "You have to be conscious and aware," she says, "and count your blessings!"

Wynonna is set to appear as herself in an episode of 'Army Wives.' On May 16, she'll been seen in the Lifetime drama series, performing two songs as part of a USO-style concert for the troops at Ft. Marshall in Charleston, S.C. Wynonna announced earlier this month that she's reuniting with her mother, Naomi, for a Judds tour and album later this year.