The autopsy report for slain country singer Wayne Mills has been made public for the first time. The medical examiner has ruled the death a homicide.

Saving Country Music reports that Mills' accused killer, Chris Ferrell, was in court on Thursday (Jan. 16) for a discussion date to take care of some minor procedural motions in his defense. The results of the autopsy were revealed during the court proceedings.

Ferrell is accused of second degree murder in the shooting, which took place at the Pit and Barrel in downtown Nashville on Nov. 23. According to reports, Ferrell shot Mills in the head after the two men argued about Mills smoking a cigarette in the non-smoking area of the bar, of which Ferrell is the owner.

Ferrell surrendered himself to police on Dec. 6 after learning that he had been indicted. He was released on Dec. 16 after a hearing at which his bond was lowered. He admits that he shot Mills, but claims that he acted in self-defense after Mills attacked him. There were no apparent witnesses to the shooting.

Mills' autopsy concludes that he was killed with a single gunshot to the back of the head. The report goes on to state that there is no evidence that the gun was discharged at close range, citing the lack of soot or gunpowder around the wound -- meaning the singer was shot from a distance.

The report does appear to bear out the notion that the two men had struggled prior to the shooting, as Mills also suffered multiple other injuries. He had two broken ribs, and abrasions on his forehead, temple and scalp, as well as contusions on his chest, arms, forearms, left thigh and right knee.

Toxicology results indicate the singer's blood alcohol level was 0.221. The tests also indicated the presence of amphetamine at 23 ng/ml. No other substances were present.

At Thursday's hearing, the court granted permission for the company holding Ferrell's bond to accept less than the standard 10 percent to secure his release, and the accused also filed a change of address. Ferrell is currently free pending his next court appearance, which is slated for Feb. 6.