Tyler ReeveTyler Reeve is ready to head back on tour with some extra tools in his arsenal, thanks to the time he spent on the Country Throwdown tour.

Although he and his band played about 220 concerts in the past two years, sharing the stage with Jamey Johnson, writing songs with Eddie Montgomery, and jamming with Eric Church, Jack Ingram, Heidi Newfield and others gave him some new inspiration for his own shows.

"We were the only independent artist that was playing on [the Outlaw] stage," Tyler tells The Boot. "This is so awesome for us... Little old us starting off the show with people like Jamey and Eddie headlining. Just to go out [on stage] to sing with Jamey was amazing."

Tyler says he's in no rush to leave the indie life, preferring instead to follow in the path of the Zac Brown Band and Corey Smith. "We are buddies with all those guys in their camps and we've picked up a lot of [ideas]," he says. "We want to really build the grass roots following before we sign [with a label]."

If the enthusiastic reception to Tyler's music at Country Throwdown was any sign, it may well be a catalyst to even more musical success.

"I sat on Eddie's bus one night for five hours writing a song," he said. "It is so weird to me that we could play a show for 21 people in a town I'd never heard before, and then play a show like this to thousands and then sit on Eddie's bus like that. I think this will be a real springboard for us."

Tyler's next concert date is July 17 in Columbus, Ga. For a full list of cities and dates, check Tyler's Facebook page.

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