Tyler Farr is getting set for the release of his much-anticipated debut album, 'Redneck Crazy.' Now he's offering readers of The Boot an early listen to one of the new tracks via this exclusive song premiere.

'Whiskey in My Water' is the fourth song on the upcoming album, which is slated to drop in just two weeks. The project contains Farr's two previous hit singles, 'Hot Mess' and 'Hello Goodbye,' as well as his current Top 5 single, the album's title track.

Farr recently invited fans to help unlock the track listing and several track previews via a unique Instagram promotion, which helped unveil 'Ain't Even Drinking' and 'Wish I Had a Boat.'

'Whiskey in My Water' features the singer's distinctively raspy vocal delivery, married to a contemporary country track that culminates in the line, "She's the moon in my shine / The whiskey in my water."

'Redneck Crazy' is set for release on Sept. 30. It is currently available for pre-order here.

Listen to Tyler Farr, 'Whiskey in My Water'