Tyler Farr has revealed the track listing for his upcoming album, 'Redneck Crazy.' The singer invited his fans to help unlock three 'first listens' via social media.

In order to unlock the tracks on his website, Farr invited fans to show him their 'Chicks, Trucks and Beer,' or any other photo representing one of the soon-to-be-released songs, via Instagram.

Photos from fans came rolling in, and the country newcomer has rewarded them with the unveiling of 'Ain't Even Drinking' and 'Wish I Had a Boat,' which received the most related images. The third track will be revealed Friday, Sept. 13.

“I promised my grandma I’d put one song about not drinking on my album, and this song is about drinking, but it isn’t,” Farr says about 'Ain't Even Drinking.'

“I wanted to write a song about a guy that this girl just does it for him,” he continues. “In the chorus it says, ‘I’m already gone.’ He’s seeing stars, done got shot by Cupid with the arrow and too drunk to drive home, but he ain’t even drinking. This girl has him more messed up than five snakes in a lawnmower.”

'Redneck Crazy' is scheduled to release Sept. 30, but you can hear the unveiled tracks on Farr's website. The album is currently available for pre-order on iTunes.

Tyler Farr, ‘Redneck Crazy’ Track Listing:
1. ‘Dirty’
2. ‘Makes You Wanna Drink’
3. ‘Redneck Crazy’
4. ‘Whiskey in My Water’
5. ‘Hot Mess’
6. ‘Hello Goodbye’
7. ‘Ain’t Even Drinkin”
8. ‘Wish I Had a Boat’
9. ‘Chicks, Trucks, and Beer’ (feat. Colt Ford)
10. ‘Cowgirl’
11. ‘Living With the Blues’