Disney's animated hit 'Frozen' is worlds different from the evocative '50 Shades of Gray,' but as it turns out, when you pull lines from both movies out of context, it can get confusing. Just ask Tyler Farr.

Farr played a quick game of ''Frozen' or '50 Shades of Grey'?' with Taste of Country's Billy Dukes, and it's pretty darn funny to decide if Olaf the snowman or the ultimate seducer, Christian Grey, uttered a particular line. To make matters more confusing, both movies have a character with the same name; '50 Shades' has Ana, and 'Frozen' has Anna. But it was up to Farr to determine if certain quotes were part of an innocent children's movie or something more racy.

Press play on the video above to find out just how well Farr did.

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