Trisha Yearwood received a bit of advice from John Rich when she took the co-host chair on the fourth hour of NBC's 'Today' show opposite co-host Hoda Kotb on Thursday, August 26.

"Trisha, you are arguably one of the greatest country singers who ever sang a country song," John said in a pre-taped video segment. "So if you get lost or you get nervous, just start singing and everyone will tune in!"

Trisha was filling in for the show's other regular co-host, Kathie Lee Gifford, who is off this week. In fact, country stars have been filling Kathie Lee's high heels all week. John took over the co-hosting duties on Wednesday, following Blake Shelton and Martina McBride on Monday and Tuesday. Josh Turner will round out the week as co-host on Friday.

To make their hosting duties a little easier, each co-host is given the adult beverage of their choice. John's choice was just perhaps a bit too strong. "He was drinking and got a little sloppy," Hoda said, laughing as she recalled the Crown Royal and Coca-Cola John sipped during Wednesday's show. "But he was fine."

As Trisha sipped the Chardonnay she had requested -- at one point saying, "I've never been on a morning show with wine! This could be a new thing for me" -- she fielded questions and helped interview other guests including tennis pro Venus Williams. Other highlights of the show:

* Trisha talked a bit about her step-daughters (with husband Garth Brooks). The girls are now ages 14, 16 and 18, and the oldest is at college this year. Trisha spent the day before her 'Today' show appearance tie-dying t-shirts with the girls.

* While none of the girls seriously date yet, if a boy does ask one of the girls out, he is required to come to the family home and spend some time, perhaps watching a movie. Asked if the boys look forward to meeting Garth, Trisha said, "They always are excited to meet him until they do. Then they're nervous."

* Trisha joked about what life is like since she married Garth Brooks five years ago. "It's really pretty amazing," she said laughing. "I get up and turn on the fog machine and he comes up through the floor and says 'Ladies and Gentlemen ... '"

* Although Trisha and Garth are considering touring together, she says they want to make sure the "time is right." For now, the two sing together during Garth's Las Vegas shows. "He is really a goof ball although he seems so serious," she said. "At these shows in Vegas, he really opens up."

* As Trisha's songs -- including snippets of 'She's in Love With the Boy' and 'How Do I Live,' -- played, Trisha appeared to hum along. She also sang along with Hoda to the Redbone song 'Come and Get Your Love.'

* The author of two cookbooks, Trisha oversaw some cooking demonstrations on the show including stuffed bell peppers and watermelon salsa. "Everything in the [cookbooks] is something I would really eat," she said. "Most of [the recipes are] really simple or I wouldn't make them."

* The singer described her mother as "a pistol" and her sister as "a reversed version of me." In talking about collaborating with them on cookbooks, Trisha said, "We have really enjoyed it because it's something we can do together."

* 'Papa Loved Momma' is Trisha's favorite Garth song.

* Trisha lost 20 pounds even though she still eats comfort food. Her secret? Portion control and exercise including circuit training, running and lifting weights.

* Her favorite up-and-coming singers are Josh Turner and Miranda Lambert.