April showers bring May flowers, but country beauties, such as Trisha Yearwood, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift, are blossoming on the April covers of some major magazines. These three ladies are part of a trend showcasing country artists on the front and within the pages of popular publications.

Not only has Trisha's new cookbook, 'Homecooking With Trisha Yearwood,' and recipes been featured within the pages of several different magazines, but she is the cover girl for Redbook this month, as well. So, what exactly is the appeal in showcasing these country music superstars? "Country stars connect with Redbook's audience for the same reason that country music resonates with so many millions of Americans -- authenticity," Redbook's Executive Editor Alison Brower tells The Boot. "Country musicians are storytellers, and the stories they tell are real an relatable and full of powerful emotion, just like a great magazine story."

Trisha is the perfect representative and role model for the readers of the magazine. "Not only is she a great artist, but she also has a wonderful marriage and a warm-blended family life that mean the world to her," Alison adds. "She's happiest when she's got the people she loves gathered around a table for a great meal -- and that represents what all our readers want in their lives: good love and good times."

Trisha is currently on a book tour promoting her latest cookbook, which debuted on the New York Times Bestseller List at No. 2 on the Advice/How To List.

Meanwhile, Taylor appears on the cover of the April issue of Elle and in the May issue of Vogue, Carrie is on the cover of Allure, while Trisha will also be featured in the May issues of Good Housekeeping, Paula Deen magazine and First for Women. The cookbook author will also be writing her first cooking column for People Country in their July issue, hitting stands June 18.

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