Trisha Yearwood is working on Mother's Day -- hard work! The singer will be swinging a hammer in honor of National Women Build Week, which runs through Sunday.

"Lowe's has underwritten the program with Habitat for Humanity, and it's just trying to get the word out to women that you need to get in there and do something to help using your skills," Trisha tells USA Today.

The Georgia native, along with her mother, sister and niece, will help build a house in Atlanta. She explains that while she is always willing to give donations to charitable causes, getting personally involved tends to mean a little more.

"It's very rewarding for me to find something in which I can get physically involved, and you can't get more physical than building a house," she says. "I was hooked the very first time I helped build one, which was in New Orleans a few years ago ... There's no celebrity coddling on a Habitat project. They gave me a big hammer and nails and told me to help build a wall. I like that."

Before heading to Georgia, Trisha and hubby Garth Brooks worked on a National Women Build Week home last Saturday in Tulsa, Okla., framing in doors and windows. She has helped build five homes in the past four years for Habitat for Humanity.

Trisha is also hard at work on her second cookbook. She says she reached out at a recent family reunion to ask people to send her their favorite recipes. "I'm testing a lot of them so everyone is eating well at my house right now!" she says. The new cookbook will likely be published around Mother's Day 2010.