Garth Brooks and Trisha YearwoodTrisha Yearwood hoped to discover a few old family favorites to include among the recipes in her second cookbook. Instead she found a new favorite recipe that might come in handy for Thanksgiving.

"The first cookbook was mostly recipes from my immediate family, so for our second one we sent out notes to other family members asking for recipes," Trisha tells The Boot. "One of the recipes, from an aunt, was new to me. It's a dressing recipe, but it has the turkey baked in the dressing. It has become one of my favorite new dishes!"

Trisha says her aunt didn't even have a recipe written down for the dressing, which she first sampled at a family get-together. "I asked her to go home and make it and measure ingredients as she went, so I'd have a basic recipe to go by when I tested it, which thankfully she agreed to do."

Trisha's first culinary endeavor, 'Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen,' made the New York Times Bestseller list when it was released in 2008. The project, co-written with Trisha's mom, Gwen, and sister, Beth Bernard, included recipes that were easy to make and had been well-tested in the Yearwood family for many years. The cookbook received rave reviews from the media as well as fans who purchased it.

The comment Trisha heard most often was that even a person who wasn't a master chef could follow the recipes because they didn't overwhelm the cook with too many ingredients or instructions. The three authors are in the testing stage of the follow-up cookbook now, trying the recipes they want to include in the cookbook several times to ensure that the directions and ingredient lists are correct.

"This is our favorite thing about the cookbook," Trisha says with a laugh, adding that husband Garth Brooks is very encouraging when it comes to trying different recipes and making suggestions. As in the previous cookbook, this one will have bits of information about the families of the authors and interesting information about food, along with helpful cooking hints.

Trisha says they'll stick to the basic formula that worked well for the first book, including favorite southern recipes for families who want a simple, delicious meal. Trisha's new cookbook will be in stores in mid-2010.