Trisha YearwoodThe Big Apple may not be in Trisha Yearwood's immediate future, but she may be able to see the lights of Broadway on the horizon. According to Trisha and hubby Garth Brooks, the couple could move to New York City at the end of his concert run at the Las Vegas Encore Theatre in 2014.

"Ms. Yearwood put aside her dreams of doing Broadway so we could raise our daughters in Oklahoma," Garth told The Boot. "When I finish my commitment here in Las Vegas, I think it's possible that we will move to New York City for a year or so to allow her to pursue her dreams."

Trisha says she doesn't have a particular role in mind, though she would like for it not to involve being a country singer. "I like acting, I like stepping out of my comfort zone," she told The Boot. "I know I can't go to New York right now but I'd like to think it would be something we can do in the future.

"I know one play I won't be doing is 'Annie Get Your Gun," Trisha says with finality. "I saw Reba McEntire when she did that. I won't be doing that one because no one could do it better."

The pursuit of an acting dream on the Broadway stage would not be the singer's debut as an actress. She had an ongoing role on the CBS drama, 'Jag,' for a few years, and says one of the reasons she liked it was because it did not involve singing. She also appeared in 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.' Additionally, she participated in the Country Music Association's 'Broadway Meets Country' -- shows held during the CMA Awards week, which brought together country singers and opera stars for a night where each person sang songs made famous by someone in the other genre of music. Trisha received great reviews for her work each time she participated.

In addition to Broadway, Trisha says there are several things she plans to do that involve music. Among them are an album of standards and one of acoustic music. And of course, there's still that duet album with Garth that the two have been talking about for years.

In the meantime, Trisha is putting the final touches on her new cookbook, 'Homecooking With Trisha Yearwood,' the second one she has written with her mother Gwen and sister Beth. It will be in stores April 6.

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