With song titles like 'Rockin' the Beer Gut' and 'In My Next Five Beers,' hot new country trio Trailer Choir has released a six-song EP that introduces them to fans as one of the most playful new groups in country music. Signed to Toby Keith's Show Dog Nashville record label, the trio is made up of Big Vinny, Crystal and Butter -- three friends who got their start playing at fraternity parties but soon started booking bigger gigs after their raucous live shows (which include the almost 400-pound Vinny doing the 'pop worm') caught on.

Trailer Choir's new CD, 'Off the Hillbilly Hook,' was produced by Toby Keith, with the title track also featured in Toby's movie, 'Beer For My Horses.' Big Vinny describes the project as "like a backyard barbeque in high definition." You can listen track-by-track here.