Tracy Lawrence's 1991 debut album, 'Sticks and Stones,' produced his first charting single and first No. 1 hit with the title track. Since that time, the singer has placed more than 30 singles on the Billboard country charts, with eight of them climbing to No. 1, including the CMA-award-winning 'Find Out Who Your Friends Are' in 2006.

Tracy reveals to The Boot where he was the first time he heard his first hit, 'Sticks and Stones,' on the radio.

"I was driving back to my hometown coming from Shreveport, La., and actually heard it in my car radio coming out of KRMD," says Tracy. "I had gone to their station to do a station visit, and I asked them to play it for me when I left because I hadn't heard it over the radio yet. I wanted to hear it in my car. It was euphoric. I had to pull off the side of the road. It was overwhelming. I remember I sat there and cried for a while. It was pretty awesome!"

Tracy's latest album, 'The Rock' is out now on Rocky Comfort Records.