Tracy Lawrence has released the compelling video for his latest single, 'Lie.' The singer held nothing back in filming the video, including hiring a well-known actor to play the lead role.

"It's our first video in about five years," he tells Billboard magazine. "My actor buddy, Michael Roark is the lead character in it. He was in 'Dolphin Tale.' The female role was done by a friend of mine who is a dance instructor here in town, and she did a great job. It's a very steamy and sexy video with a great little plot twist in it."

The video, which is definitely geared toward an adult audience, shows Lawrence as the heartbroken jilted lover, when his former girlfriend starts an affair with his close friend. But with or without the racy video, which includes a passionate love scene, the Texas native says he thinks the song would still be a fan favorite.

"It's been the one that people have been anxiously awaiting," he reveals. "From all indications, this might very well be somewhat of an impact record for us. It's gotten the most comments off of the record."

'Lie' is from Lawrence's latest 'Headlights, Taillights and Radios' album, which was released last year on his own Lawrence Music Group label. The singer, who has already sold more than 13 million albums, spent over two years working on his latest project, but he says it was time well spent.

"I put a whole new team together, went out and looked at what some of the new opportunities were in the marketplace, with social media and everything," Lawrence tells The Boot. "Hired a great company, got a new publicist, a new person to run the label, and just slowly, meticulously, over the last two-and-a-half, three years, have just focused on re-building the foundation of my career, and getting re-connected with my fan base, and getting all of these things put back in place to get ready for a drop."

The 46-year-old says he also did plenty of soul searching during that time, which led to a personal and professional revelation.

"I realized that if you’re going to be relevant, you’ve got to grow," he acknowledges. "You’ve got to evolve. If you’re just gonna stay the same, and do the same old stuff that I’ve been doing, then that’s fine, too -- but if you want to be relevant and current, then you’ve got to evolve and change."

Download 'Headlights, Taillights and Radios' here.