Toby Keith appeared on 101.5 the Eagle’s ‘Jon & Amanda Show’ this week, and discussed whether he’s become too rich to be truly country.

Keith’s song ‘Hard Way to Make an Easy Living’ seems to be about just that. With lyrics like, “Some people say he’s a wealthy man / But he built his house with his own two hands,” it may be that Keith is trying to deliver a message about where his wealth came from and how he started out -- that he is, in fact, very country.

"They just see me now. They didn't see where you came from; what your roots were like," he says. "If you've been poor before … no matter how much money you get, you're still not comfortable with it. You never forget what it felt like to be without."

During the interview, Keith also mentions a potential tour with his daughter, Krystal Keith, some time next year. The entire interview is available on 101.5 the Eagle’s website.

Keith released a new album, ‘Drinks After Work,’ on Tuesday (Oct. 29).