Toby Keith and Jimmy Buffett sing a comedic tune, 'Too Drunk to Karaoke,' on Buffett's upcoming album, 'Songs From St. Somewhere,' and the two appeared together at a local Nashville bar, Santa's Pub, to film the tune's hilarious video.

Ironically, the neighborhood watering hole they visited serves only beer, not wine or liquor, but that didn't stop the men from surrounding themselves with margaritas poured in red Solo cups and carrying on with the bar patrons in the dive bar. It's clear from watching the footage that the two music celebrities enjoy plenty of time together, both on and off stage.

This isn't Keith's first collaboration with an artist outside of country music. He can also be found on Sammy Hagar's upcoming 'Sammy Hagar and Friends' -- singing, ironically enough, Buffett's big hit, 'Margaritaville.'

'Songs From St. Somewhere' will be released on Aug. 20. Pre-order the album here.