Tim McGraw's new album 'Sundown Heaven Town' has been a huge success for the singer -- his 15th album to debut at No. 1.

McGraw says that the album is a look back at his entire career, spanning over 20 years of different musical sounds, from traditional country tunes to more modern songs.

"What I interpret the album as is sort of a reflection of my entire career in a lot of ways," he says [quote via Nashville Gab]. "I think that you can look at the 20-something years that I've made records, and look at this album, and you can see sort of a microcosm of all those types of music that I've done throughout those 20 years. That's really what I want it to feel like."

The Louisiana native went about the release of 'Sundown Heaven Town,' which hit shelves Sept. 16, a little differently than he has in the past, choosing to tour the album before its street date to introduce fans to the new songs before they could buy them.

“When you finish making an album, all you want is to have everyone hear it as soon as possible,” he says of hitting the road early. “I’m in the unique position this year that I’m able to tour ahead of the album and introduce the fans to these songs early. I’ve never done anything like this before, but in a world driven by immediate gratification, I want to be able to play a song live somewhere and then have it available for download right then.”

'Sundown Heaven Town' is available for download on Amazon and iTunes.