Tim McGraw's musical talents could have landed him in any genre, but he says he likes country music because of its universal appeal.

“I think country music’s for everybody in a lot of different ways,” he tells GAC. "You can sing a love song and anybody can relate to a love song. You can sing a song about your family and anybody can relate to a song about their family."

The married father of three, who has collaborated with Nelly and Def Leppard, says the genre has something for everyone. "Country music at its core is a set of values that we represent when we sing," he notes. "That’s what really appeals to middle America and blue collar workers.”

The 'Southern Girl' singer, who will next star in the film 'Tomorrowland' opposite George Clooney, is also continuing his Soul2Soul II show in Las Vegas with his wife, Faith Hill. McGraw says he took the gig so he can spend more time with his three teenage girls.

“We don’t spend a lot of time there, because we fly back and forth,” he explains. “We have three daughters who are in school. They send a great plane for us, we fly in to Vegas, do our shows and fly home. We get the best of all the worlds.”