Americana duo the Grahams have released a video for their new single, 'A Good Man,' and they're letting readers of The Boot see it first.

Alyssa and Doug Graham are not only musical partners, they are also lifelong romantic partners who first met in grade school. Their relationship blossomed as teenagers living in the shadow of New York City, where they shared an appreciation for the outdoors and the music of the Woodstock era.

After honing their song craft while holed up at a secluded family home in the Adirondack Mountains, the couple eventually settled in NYC, where the music that became the genesis of the Grahams began to take shape. But it was not until new songwriting sessions in 2012 resulted in a fresh sound that they began to get serious about their calling.

The couple took to the Great River Road with just backpacks and guitars, traveling the 2,500 miles from Minnesota to Louisiana and absorbing the roots and musical culture of America first-hand. They ended up on a houseboat, writing many of the songs that would eventually form their debut album, but when Doug's mother, Gigi, was diagnosed with cancer, the Grahams went home to become her "angel band," and stayed with her until she passed away.

With their new sound firmly in place, they found a like-minded collaborator in Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn, who had the idea to record the duo live to tape, without headphones or isolation, to capture the genuine qualities of their music. That process became their debut album, 'Riverman's Daughter,' which showcases the Grahams in simple acoustic arrangements. The pair are backed on a few tracks by some top-flight musicians, including the Grammy-nominated North Mississippi Allstars.

Like so many of their songs, 'A Good Man' derives directly from the couple's own life.

"If you know Doug, then you know what it is all about," Alyssa states. "And if you didn't know him before, you know him now."

'Riverman's Daughter' is set for release on Feb. 4. It is currently available for pre-order at iTunes.

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