The Cadillac Three band member Neil Mason is good at a lot of things, including singing, playing drums and performing in front of large crowds. But while he is a man of many talents, he admits there is one thing he is terrible at: wrapping presents.

“I’m probably the worst present wrapper in the entire world,” he tells Country Music is Love. “It always comes out looking like somebody just took a bunch of paper and crumpled it up around whatever it is that I’m giving ‘em. But it’s part of my charm, I guess.”

He may not be good at presenting the package, but Mason says he prides himself on being an expert shopper, picking special gifts for his loved ones, even if he waits until a few days before Christmas to head to the store.

“I usually am pretty last minute ’cause we’re usually gone or traveling, and I do my best work under pressure,” Mason admits. “So, I’ll usually be shopping between, like, Dec. 21 and the 24th.”

Chances are, some of Mason's family members and friends might be getting a gift from overseas this year. The Cadillac Three recently wrapped up a tour in the UK -- a place they are quickly gaining popularity, as evidenced by their Best New Band win the Classic Rock Roll of Honour ceremony.

The Cadillac Three will kick off their 2015 tour on Jan. 28 in Glendale, Ariz. See a list of upcoming shows here.