Billy Bob Thornton's band the Boxmasters has signed a new record deal, announcing a new single and double album with the new label.

The band has joined 101 Ranch Records with the intention of releasing a new single later this year and a double album and accompanying tour in early 2015.

The Boxmasters, consisting of Thornton, Teddy Andreadis, J.D. Andrew and Brad Davis, got together in 2007. They have previously released three albums with Vanguard Records.

"The Boxmasters are a tremendously talented band known for their diversity, wide range and prolificacy," says Teresa Vinson, vice president of operations for 101 Ranch. "We're thrilled that they have chosen 101 Ranch Records to continue their legacy as an Americana rock band, and they are a welcome addition to the label roster alongside Mark Collie."

The Nashville-based label was founded by Texas businessman Bob Simpson and his wife Janice L. Simpson. This is their second record label, following the 2011 launch of the Christian venture Raylynn Records.