The Avett Brothers have released a new track off their upcoming album True Sadness, "Satan Pulls the Strings." The song has a definite rock-meets-folk vibe, and the lyrics ring country; add that to the trippy album cover featuring space helmets and a horse, and it's safe to say the song is pushing boundaries.

""Satan Pulls the Strings" started as a quiet and calm Depression-era banjo song,"  Seth Avett says in a press release. "And somehow in the studio, it blossomed into a genre that I don't even have a name for...the frenzied yet mechanical energy of it is a first for the band."

To create the unique sounding song, the group teamed up with Rick Rubin. Rubin has helped a wide variety of musicians make music including the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele and even Kanye West.

"I'm happy to make records to reflect what's done live," Rubin explains about making the song in a video posted to the group's YouTube account. "But to widen the palette of what's possible might lead to different kinds of songwriting in the future, and just keep the creative process exciting for the band."

True Sadness is the group’s ninth studio album and is set for release on June 24. "Satan Pulls The Strings" is already available on iTunes.

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