Terri Clark is leaving BNA Records, without ever having released a full album on the label. In a letter to fan club members, the singer says she's decided to go the indie route. Country Standard Time reports that she plans to concentrate on her career in her native Canada, as well as overseas, and is also interested in forming her own record label.

"I recently came to the conclusion that I no longer feel as though I can creatively 'fit' into a certain 'box' or model," Clark told her fan club, adding, "I have come to a very difficult crossroads in making the decision to part ways with my record label, and forge ahead independently.

"I will always be eternally grateful to BNA records, and (label head) Joe Galante for believing in me and affording me the opportunity to work with them after leaving Mercury records. I came to Nashville when I was 18 to land a major label record deal, and I have had TWO, which is more than I could have dreamed of."

Terri adds that she "would also like to work in other parts of the world again, like possibly Australia, and broaden my audience in other countries as well. In addition to my own creative freedom, my future can include helping other up and coming artists and possibly produce other acts under my own label."

Terri also revealed that a live CD is in the works, which she hopes to release early in 2009.