Terri Clark's single, 'Gypsy Boots' is the No. 5 hit in Canada this week, and she's set to perform at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Vancouver, BC, on Sunday night (Sept. 13). Also performing will be the man who finds himself in the No. 4 spot on that chart this week. He's Terri's fellow Canadian Johnny Reid, a six-time CCMA nominee this year, and the reigning Male Vocalist award winner.

While Johnny is relatively unknown outside Canada, Terri's new CD, 'The Long Way Home' will help introduce the soulful singer -- who was born in Scotland -- to her many fans in the U.S., by way of a duet they perform called 'You Tell Me.'

"Johnny Reid's a pretty big star in Canada right now," Terri tells The Boot. "He's country, and he gets played on country radio, but he's kind of got a Joe Cocker, R&B-type background. I wanted a Canadian on the record because I've never done anything like that before. I just thought that his voice was so opposite from mine that it might be a neat blending."

Terri says 'You Tell Me,' which she penned with Gary Burr, was written about 10 years ago during the same time she was writing songs for her album, 'Fearless.'

"I always loved it and pitched it for every project, jumping up and down saying it was such a great song and why can't we cut this. But it just didn't work with what we were doing. When I was able to call my own shots, I dug it out of the pile. And listening to it again, it sounded like a conversation between two people. So it felt like a natural duet."

Terri, who's up for Female Vocalist of the Year, will be accompanied to the Canadian Country Music Awards by her mother, Linda.