Taylor Swift has prized Shania Twain as her favorite female artist and biggest influence on her career. With her energetic live shows and groundbreaking music, Shania has paved the way for crossover acts like Taylor to stand firm in country music. But what you may find surprising is that it was Shania's departure from the spotlight that has had the most impact on Swift.

"I loved watching her when she was touring and when she put out 'Come on Over,'" Taylor tells The Canadian Press, "but when I really gained respect was seeing her go away and seeing how she never left people's minds."

Shania's departure from country music in 1999 was arguably abrupt, but Taylor takes note that her heroine's footprint on country music was so great that she made it nearly impossible for people to forget her. "Every single award show it was, 'Where is Shania? When is she gonna come back? When is she gonna put out something new?' ... The fact that she's so memorable means she's done such an incredible job at really implementing herself in country music to where she's never, ever gonna be gone. And I love that."

Shania's big comeback could be right around the corner. She recently wrote an open letter to fans, apologizing for her delay in releasing new music and promising that her new album will be worth the wait.