Sugarland's 'Stuck Like Glue' has climbed to the top of the Mediabase/Country Aircheck chart, while the Zac Brown Band's 'As She's Walking Away' with Alan Jackson has jumped to No. 1 on the Billboard country singles chart. The two songs trade places at No. 2 on opposite charts, followed by Brad Paisley's 'Anything Like Me' at No. 3 on both.

"The song came about in a really fun way," Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles says. "We were actually in the studio. It's one of [a few] songs that we wrote while in the studio process."

"It all was born out of this really cool beat and this really cool kind of hook," her partner Kristian Bush explains. "It's an infectious beat. It almost sticks kind of like glue to you [laughs]." Jennifer agrees, "The writers that we were writing with, whenever they sent over this rhythm track, we were like, 'Oh, yeah. That's great!' It sticks in your head, so we were excited with being able to write something that felt fun and light on the record."

The Zac Brown Band tapped the legendary Alan Jackson for their single, "As She's Walking Away," and the 52-year-old superstar was thrilled to take part in the song, even though he says the tables have turned. "[My wife] Denise was making fun of me – that line in the song that sets me up is it says something about the wise old man, wise man sitting next to me. And she said, 'Yeah, you've gone from being the guy talking about the wise man to the wise man.' [laughs] I said, 'Yeah. I've gone the other way now.' I used to be talking about George Jones or somebody, but [now] they make fun of me about that." The two acts are set to perform their chart-topping hit on Wednesday night's CMA Awards.

Sugarland, who are also performing live on the CMA Awards, are set to sing 'Stand Up' from their new album 'The Incredible Machine' on the 'CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute' November 25 (Thanksgiving night) at 8:00 PM ET.