Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are promising some exciting and dramatic changes on their 2010 tour, which starts tonight (April 23) in Primm, Nev., outside Las Vegas.

"It will reflect our latest writing and surprises to come for the new record,'' lead singer Jennifer Nettles says. "Don't come if you expect to sit the whole show. You won't be able to. It's a whole new rhythmic, emotional, visual, fun, incredible experience machine.''

The tour, like the album scheduled for release in October, is called 'The Incredible Machine.' Jennifer explains that its artistic theme is "steampunk."

"It started out as a literary movement in the '80s,'' she tells The Boot. "If in the Victorian era, instead of moving and evolving into the cyber world that we're in now, what if we just kept it really romantic and organic and made it about steam engines and machines?''

Jennifer says the theme was the launching pad for their wardrobes and their set. This time around, the pair worked with a new set and lighting designer, Steve Cowan.

"He has been around for many years. He's done Billy Joel, Justin Timberlake and the 'Star Wars' tour, so you know how elaborate this can be. It's bigger and better than we've ever had before," Kristian says. "It's a fantasy version of the world imagining life if we had not evolved beyond the start of Victorian technology.''

The 63-date tour would highlight songs from the upcoming Byron Gallimore-produced album, along with fan favorites like 'Baby Girl,' 'Stay,' 'Already Gone,' 'It Happens' and more.

"It's bigger than we've ever been out with before. It's quite exciting and dramatic,'' Jennifer promises. "We don't shy away from the physicality of the show, so there will definitely be stunts in this tour ... We always like to keep surprises and try to keep our fans excited!"