Danny GokeyWhen Simon Cowell leaves 'American Idol' next season, will the show lose its grit? We have seen the 'AI' judge be nasty, surly, controversial and downright cruel to most, if not all, the contestants. Former 'Idol' finalist Danny Gokey actually hates to see that go away. The singer feels the show needs someone similar to Simon to keep it interesting.

"We're all in agreement ... We all kind of feel like, 'Wow! What's the show going to be like?' You've got to think about it, who was Simon when the show came to be? It was 'America Idol,' but it was the chemistry of the people on the show that made the show what it was," Danny tells The Boot. "Obviously, he was the front face of the show, and to see him leave is sad. But 'American Idol' was successful in the beginning. If they utilized that formula that they used way back in the beginning and put someone polarizing into place, I think that's what's going to draw people in."

Danny revealed one of the names being considered for the seat left vacant by Simon. "I heard a rumor that Howard Stern could've been that guy," Danny says. "Honestly, regardless if you like him or not, he would draw crowds. I heard he's not going to do it, but I guess what they're trying to do is pick someone polarizing and they're on the right track. So, we'll see what happens."

Danny will head north to perform in Aberdeen, S.D. on July 3 and in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wis. on July 4.

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