Sheryl Crow is doing a lot more than just soaking up the sun these days. The Nashville resident recently released a cookbook, 'If It Makes You Healthy,' co-authored by her personal chef, Chuck White. The collection of recipes was inspired by her battle with breast cancer.

"Like a lot of people who have been diagnosed, you become a scholar about your body. For me, knowing there are different components in food, it felt like I could be pro-active in my own health," Sheryl explained on NBC's 'Today' show. "We made a cookbook full of amazingly tasty foods that you don't even know is healthy, but it also has great little tidbits about what different components of food do for your wellness and the cellular make-up of your body."

Sheryl says the book is ideal for people like her, who are novices in the kitchen. "As Chuck knows, I'm not a great cook," she admits. "I can make most of the things in the cookbook. I can make all of them if I'm really into going to the grocery store and buying everything. But the great thing about this cookbook is, everything in the cookbook I've made my son [Wyatt] loves, and it's hard to feed a four-year-old."

Sheryl kicks off her new tour on May 8 in Rochester, Minn., where she will be joined by her chef, who will whip up plenty of healthy recipes for the singer and her crew on the road. See her complete tour itinerary here.