We all know Shania Twain has perfected the art of the pop-country crossover hit, but now scientists believe they've discovered the dimensions of the most attractive female face in the singer's lovely visage.

BBC News reports that the key to the ideal arrangement of a woman's facial features is the measurement between her eyes, mouth and ears. The study was led by the University of Toronto in the songbird's Canadian homeland, with the findings published in the journal Vision Research.

Students rated the attractiveness of color photographs of the same woman's face, laid out side by side. Using photoshop software, the researchers altered the vertical distance between the eyes and mouth, and the horizontal distance between the eyes in each image, but didn't alter the features themselves (no computer-enhanced nose jobs or collagen injections!)

The research suggested that the most attractive distance between a woman's eyes and mouth should be just over a third -- or 36 percent -- of the overall length of her face, from hairline to chin, and the space between a woman's pupils should be 46 percent of the width of her face from ear to ear. Women who do not fit those criteria have no need to resort to plastic surgery, however, since things like hairstyle could be used to create the optical illusion of perfect dimension.

And while the study was great news for Shania, the features of actress Angelina Jolie don't impress them much, as researchers determined her face didn't fit the ideal ratio for length or width.