Forget an intimate little 'Party for Two,' Shania Twain is inviting everyone to her cyberspace birthday bash, and the guest of honor is the one giving the gift! In a short video blog posted on her website, the singer reveals how she plans to commemorate her 44th birthday on Aug. 28: "I will be giving you a small gift of thanks for all of your support over the last year," Shania tells her fans, as she relaxes in the yard with her dogs. She goes on to thank everyone for their support, as well as the birthday wishes for her son Eja, who recently turned eight.

Shania's website is ticking off the seconds to the unveiling of the surprise, which PEOPLE reports will be a video travelogue that chronicles the past year, as well as another personal letter to her fans. The magazine's unnamed source promises that "it's definitely a totally new side of Shania that no one's ever seen." While they wait for the present to be unwrapped, fans can send the star birthday greetings via her website.