Americana band Sassparilla have released a 19-track set, containing two separate albums.

'Pasajero' and 'Hullabaloo' have two distinct sounds, with 'Pasajero' sticking true to the what fans have come to expect from the band's last two albums, while 'Hullabaloo' offers a glimpse of their live sound.

“I’ve always maintained that bands wear two hats, the live show and the recorded product," says songwriter and front man Kevin Blackwell. "With our last two releases, we made studio records. Songs that could be performed live, but with a different energy or spin on them. The recorded product was something I saw as a different entity. With those albums I wanted a recording folks could listen to over and over again and find things they hadn’t heard the first couple of times.”

'Pasajero' follows a traditional studio album approach, but 'Hullabaloo' was recorded in Blackwell's attic, with the recording flaws left in during production.

“There aren’t multiple takes, there aren’t overdubs,” Blackwell says. “It’s us with our pants down. It was recorded mostly in my attic between diaper changes and arguments; a couple borrowed mics, a borrowed compressor, and the simplistic genius of Apple’s Logic."

'Hullabaloo' also features only the five members of Sassparilla, while Blackwell brought in other artists and friends to achieve the sound on 'Pasajero.'

Both albums are available for download via iTunes. Upcoming tour dates can be found at

Sassparilla, 'Pasajero' Track Listing:

1. 'Overture'
2. 'Dark Star'
3. 'Cool Thing'
4. 'What the Devil Don't Know'
5. 'The One That Got Away'
6. 'Peaches'
7. 'You Get What You Deserve'
8. 'When You're the Devil'
9. 'Radio Child'

Sassparilla, 'Hullabaloo' Track Listing:

1. 'Through the Fence'
2. 'Early in the Morning'
3. 'Cocaine'
4. 'We Are Bold'
5. 'It Ain't Easy'
6. 'Folks Like Us'
7. 'Wicked Take Care of Their Own'
8. 'Why You Making It Hard'
9. 'The Devil'
10. 'The Hoot Song'