Sara Evans is gushing about her recent engagement to Jay Barker, a former University of Alabama football star and current sports-talk radio host. The two were introduced through a relationship counselor, whom they were both seeing after their respective divorces. Evans, who had her first date with Barker in November, admits she was totally unprepared for how quickly she would fall for him.

"I was just like, 'Omigosh, I'm totally falling in love with this man.' I was really skittish," she told GAC. "He just makes me feel so safe . . . emotionally, psychologically and even physically. I mean, he's big, he's very strong. He's a wonderful father to four children, and now he's gonna be a stepfather to my children. And he's just an amazing, amazing man. And did I mention he's gorgeous? He looks like a football player! He's got a great bod."

The couple is planning a summer wedding. They've already begun discussing combining his four children with her three, together in one household.

"The 'Brady Bunch' had six kids, and we have seven kids, and if we had another one, we could do 'Eight Is Enough,'" Evans jokes. "If we had two more, we could do 'Eight Wasn't Enough.' I'm not having two more children, I can
promise you that."