Sara Evans is happily crossing the country as one of the opening acts on the Flatts Fest tour. The 40-year-old beauty, who was already climbing the ranks of stardom before Rascal Flatts hit the airwaves more than a decade ago, is proud to be a part of the trio's summer schedule.

"Last fall, I did a three or four day run with them of shows, and that's sort of how this tour came about," Sara tells CMIL. "It's a perfect match. I mean, Gary [LeVox] and I actually kind of have similar type voices, and our music goes together great. I absolutely love Rascal Flatts. I love their music."

The 'A Little Bit Stronger' singer says that while she finds common ground in her vocal abilities with the Flatts lead vocalist, she is definitely the complete opposite from the three guys when it comes to their pre-show beauty regimen.

"I know that I don't use as much hair care product as they do, because my hair is just long and straight, and that's all I do, and I'm very, very low maintenance," explains the Missouri native. "I don't even like to let my hair girl curl, because I don't like all the big fluff. I think less is more ... But I know where to go if I need hair spray or gel!"

Married to sports broadcaster Jay Barker, the tunesmith is also a proud mom to three children, plus a step-mom to her husband's four. The combined clan often hit the road with the multi-platinum selling star, allowing the family to spend plenty of quality time together.

"Jay loves the road, and that's something that I'm so grateful for," Sara tells The Boot. "He and I have that personality where we don't have to move all day. If we have my three children out there, which we pretty much always do -- and my kids are so like that, too -- they can hang all day out on the bus. They don't have to be entertained or running around all the time. They can just kind of hang. We love to go to catering, hang out, and then wait for the big show. Then after the show, [we] come back to the bus and watch a movie and just hang out."

Sara will join her tour bosses, plus fellow opening acts Easton Corbin and Justin Moore, for a show in Ohio next weekend, followed by stops in New Jersey and Indiana. Keep track of the Flatts Fest tour itinerary here.

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