Sara Evans has released the video for her latest single, 'Put My Heart Down.' The artistic video, which was shot in an historic mansion in Nashville, Tenn., stars only the singer, surrounded by hundreds of lights.

"It's to symbolize the light going off in her head," Evans explains to Rolling Stone Country. "It's her being smart and realizing exactly what the relationship is. It's not that she has 100 percent courage to do this. [She's saying], 'I'll walk away, and you walk away… but you first. Don’t pursue me, because it's going to be hard for me to resist you.'"

'Put My Heart Down' is the second single from Evans' 'Slow Me Down' album, which was released in March. Written by Nathan Chapman, Andrew Dorff and Liz Huett, Evans felt the song's message -- "So pack up all your things and just leave some air to breathe / A million toxic tears falling like rain 'round here / This is the final hour / The end of our story tonight / And I don't wanna fight / So put my heart down, put my heart down" -- was an important addition to the 11-track record.

"She's being very smart and strong, recognizing a bad relationship and saying, 'Please leave me alone. Please walk away.' It's painful for her to say that, but she knows she needs to, which is not that common," Evans says. "I'm always drawn to songs where the woman is the victim, the one being hurt. But I like that this one is saying, 'Let's stop this while we're ahead.'

"So many people will stay in a bad relationship, even at the very beginning when they see warning signs, and they'll still pursue that relationship when they know it's not a good match," she continues. "How many divorces would not happen if people would recognize the warning signs early on? If the relationship is toxic, move on. There are a gazillion fish in the sea."

'Slow Me Down' is Evans' seventh studio album, and one she is immensely proud of.

“This album has turned out to be really, really sexy and confident,” she boasts. “And the confidence part is a real picture of where I am right now in my life and how I feel about things. So I guess it’s two words: sexy and confident.”

Download 'Put My Heart Down' here.