Sara EvansSara Evans may not be your typical working mom, but she is definitely working! Not only is she a published author, she's putting the finishing touches on her new album and heading out on the road performing shows, not to mention she's a wife, a mother of three children and a stepmother to four. So for Sara, balancing her career and her personal life is a daunting task, and one she doesn't take lightly. The songbird is well aware of the pitfalls of trying to be a superwoman.

"Women are stressed," Sara tells The Boot. "We have a lot on us. We have a ton on us. We're working, and we're trying to be great moms, and it seems like every generation, the expectations are higher for what we give our children and what we do for them and how busy we are with children and their activities. And I think that women, we just totally neglect ourselves and we forget: 'I need to sleep or I need to eat or I need to take some time to evaluate my life and what I'm feeling.'"

Sara heads to Redding, Calif. on March 3. Fans can expect her new album later this year.