Sara EvansSara Evans says that life with her blended family of kids with husband Jay Barker really is a lot like the 'Brady Bunch' -- well, except for the tour bus, that is! They actually may be heading more for the 'Partridge Family,' according to Sara, who reports to that her three kids, Olivia, Audrey and Avery, all seem to be very musically inclined.

"My son is 10 and plays drums and guitar, and my daughter Olivia plays guitar, too. My four-year-old is a great singer. They understand what I do. But Jay's kids have been in awe of it. When we take them on the road, they come out and want to watch the shows. But my kids are over it! They love the bus -- we all travel on one together. We've had 10 different trips where we've taken all seven kids, and it's crazy! They all get along really well -- it's amazing! Jay and I call it a miracle. We're seriously like the Brady Bunch."

The Barker Bunch resides in Birmingham, Ala., which Sara touts as a great city and a great place to raise kids. She says the kids get along well because there is no stress in the home. When asked if she splits custody with her ex, says she does most of the raising these days. "No, they're usually with me ... They get along well because they see Jay and I are happy, and have no stress in the home. We never fight, are always singing and playing sports with them all, and above all having fun."