Sara EvansSara Evans let someone else do the cooking for Thanksgiving, but she did cook up a plan to keep herself from overeating that day.

In a phone interview with the Idaho Statesman newspaper from her home in Birmingham, Ala., on what's commonly referred to by Americans as Turkey Day, Sara took that quite literally revealing, "I am wearing the slinkiest little sequin tight red pants, and so all I'm eating tonight is turkey. That's it."

When the reporter suggested that such dietary restriction takes all the fun out of the holiday, Sara replied with a laugh, "I know, but I don't care. I get much more joy from looking good on stage."

Sara began her holiday tour the day after Thanksgiving in Idaho, mixing Christmas songs with a selection of her hits. And considering all the news-making events ('Dancing with the Stars,' divorce, getting remarried) that have affected her life since the release of her last studio album, the singer is anxious to get a new record out as soon as she can, to "just go out ... and say hi to everybody and get back on it."

Reminded that the last time she appeared in Idaho was during a fundraiser for controversial Idaho senator Larry Craig, Sara was also asked if she still has an interest in politics.

"That was mostly my ex-husband," she says. "He was the one that was into politics, and so I did that for him. I mean I'm interested in politics, definitely, and I definitely have strong beliefs. But I think I just kind of try to steer away from all of that for a while, just for a change of pace, and a change of scenery."

Sara, now married to former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker, adds, "I much prefer sports over politics."

While fans wait for a new album from her, Sara has released a four-song holiday collection, 'I'll Be Home for Christmas,' to digital outlets.